About Daniel Twentyman

Daniel Twentyman is the founder of Surf Coast Wealth Management.
Since completion of his Bachelor of Business in Applied Economics in 1999, Daniel has worked in various fields of the banking and finance industry. From trading equities, options and futures on international markets, to banking and project management with a global investment heavyweight.

At the beginning of 2014, Daniel moved into a financial planning role where he could use his years of experience to help guide clients through the complex areas of finance and investment markets. Throughout his time with his former licensee, Daniel came to notice the discrepancy between adviser remuneration and value provided to the firm’s clientele.

Daniel had difficulty reconciling this imbalance. As far as he was concerned, the status quo of lucrative commission-based financial planning was counter-intuitive to the assistance provided and actively worked against clients real financial aspirations. Its a position that more of the industry is begining to adopt.

Today, we are required to adhear to an industry code of ethics, and meet new minimum education requirements, that are designed to produce better results for our clients.

In mid-2015, Daniel walked away from his position with his former licensee to look for, what he considered to be, a fairer approach to providing financial advice. In his quest over the next eight months, he interviewed with various practices and licensees, none of these aligned with his core values of moving away from commission-based advice to, providing advice and charging according to, time and scope. In early 2016, Daniel met with representatives from Millennium 3, who were prepared to back Daniels business approach of a fee-for-service financial advisory practice and Surf Coast Wealth Management launched.

The vast experience from distinct facets of the finance industry and his unique approach to providing financial services has culminated in dynamic, industry leading and consequently best practice advice for his clients.

Daniel and Surf Coast Wealth Management are here to build strong, dependable relationships with clients that take them from the discovery of their goals, through to their realisation. This initiative is evident with how he has developed his business and its gradual adoption as the new benchmark in the industry.

Daniel loves living down the coast and thrives on the active lifestyle that comes with it. Yoga, open water swimming, regular golfing and mountain biking are all parts of his routine. Health and well-being are key focuses and retaining this balance while developing a business that offers clients exceptional service and value is a reflection of his ethical approach and the coastal lifestyle.


  • Bachelor of Business (Applied Economics) majoring in International Trade
  • Diploma of Financial Services Financial Planning


  • Financial planning
  • Budgeting, cash flow and debt management
  • Superannuation, investment planning and wealth management
  • Equities and portfolio advice
  • Personal risk policies and wealth protection
  • Retirement planning
  • Small business advice
  • Business insurance
  • Salary packaging

 General Advice

  • Banking & cash flow solutions
  • Financial coaching
  • Estate planning
  • Group insurance