About Surf Coast Wealth Management

We are an innovative and progressive financial advisory firm that’s changing the way a financial firm builds its relationships with their clients. We offer our services on a strictly fee-for-service basis and take pride in being able to provide our clients advice they know is not driven by product or commissions. Our advice puts our clients’ values and objectives at the forefront of every conversation.

Our financial recommendations and strategies combined with our investment expertise is leading to exceptional outcomes for our clients.

We understand that trust is a critical component of any service business and that is particularly true of a profession where specialists are managing your money. Trust is the cornerstone of our business and our obsession. Its why we work so hard for our clients and why we have gravitated away from commissioned remuneration.

We recognise that Money is a tool. Its value is not in its accumulation, but rather how well you use it to meet both today’s needs and tomorrow’s goals. We believe that with careful management and a well-considered strategy, you can live life on your terms while creating the future you have dreamed.

We focus on developing strong client relationships, building wealth and uncovering hidden gems in your financial circumstances that can lead to significant improvements in your wealth and wellbeing. We can provide this advice, while still protecting you and your family from financial loss. Nobody wants to have to rely on the generosity of others in times of financial stress. We pride ourselves on recommending strategies that will help you make the most of your financial assets, no matter where you are in your life.

We will partner with you on the journey knowing that, making the most of your finances today, provides a foundation for living the life you want and protecting the people you care about for the road ahead.