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The Surf Coast Wealth Management Introduction & Referral Program!

29/07/2023 1 Minute Read

Not long after the launch of Surf Coast Wealth Management, we introduced a referral program to thank clients for recommending our services to their friends, family, colleagues, and associates. As...

 5 simple techniques to reduce your tax

11/05/2022 3 Minute Read

A detailed discussion of strategies including salary packaging, CGT, and deductions that can be used to minimise personal taxation. A detailed discussion of strategies including salary packaging, CGT, and deductions...

The Queens Gambit. The rules of the game don’t change

01/02/2021 5 Minute Read

If you recently watched The Queen's Gambit, you may feel the lure of giving chess a crack, playing a game, and testing your abilities. But when you do for the...

Buffett’s $1 Million Challenge

27/01/2021 4 Minute Read

For nearly 60 years investors have hung off every word Warren Buffett has said, much in the same way sportspeople follow a meteorologist. He has had the most robust consistent...

Offset account vs redraw facility – the tax difference

05/12/2020 2 Minute Read

Most modern mortgages come with a redraw facility or a mortgage offset account. Sometimes they come with both… but which one should you use? With a redraw facility you can make...

News from the coal face

24/11/2020 4 Minute Read

 - The change that we've wanted to see! I like to get my news from financial institutions, their fund managers and analysts. It's not because I don't believe the journalists...

Cash reserves for emergencies

08/10/2020 General Advice

You may need to access cash easily and quickly to cover unforeseen expenses or emergencies. A cash reserve should be set aside to cover these situations.  Often unexpected expenses pop...

Reducing mortgage debt and consolidating loans

28/08/2020 2 Minute Read

Many Australians carry a heavy debt burden that absorbs a large portion of their income. This article looks at strategies to better manage this debt burden and repayments to help...

Debt Management Basics

26/08/2020 2 Minute Read

Debt can assist you to buy the family home, purchase a car or consumer goods and also enable you to purchase investment assets such as shares, managed funds or a...

Understanding Transition to Retirement Pensions

06/08/2020 2 Minute Read

If you have reached your preservation age you can use a transition to retirement pension to access your superannuation as a non-commutable income stream while you are still working. This...

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