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 5 simple techniques to reduce your tax

11/05/2022 3 Minute Read

A detailed discussion of strategies including salary packaging, CGT, and deductions that can be used to minimise personal taxation. A detailed discussion of strategies including salary packaging, CGT, and deductions...

The Queens Gambit. The rules of the game don’t change

01/02/2021 5 Minute Read

If you recently watched The Queen's Gambit, you may feel the lure of giving chess a crack, playing a game, and testing your abilities. But when you do for the...

Christmas Hangover?

14/03/2020 2 Minute Read

So for most of us, Christmas is fast becoming a distant memory. But for others still getting the monthly reminder in the form of a credit card statement, it might...

Lifetime of commission for one bit of advice

23/11/2017 4 Minute Read

There is no such thing as a free lunch... especially in finance... and especially when you're being told that it's provided "... at no cost to you." This is just...

Key-person insurance

13/11/2017 1 Minute Read

Key-person insurance: Protection for your business How would your organisation cope if something happened to a key person? Unexpected events can play havoc not only with people’s lives but also with...

Reduce stress to cut your heart attack risk

04/10/2017 1 Minute Read

A new study links stress with heart disease, but there are easy ways to stay healthy and protect your heart. Stress is part of modern life but a new study...

Surf Coast Times Editorial

13/04/2017 2 Minute Read

This busy Easter weekend, see's my first foray into the local paper. Rather than rehash the article in this post, I have attached the link to the article for your...

The Financial Planning Industry is Lucrative… or at Least it Was!

04/01/2017 4 Minute Read

A lot goes on at your Initial meeting with a Financial Adviser. In essence, they will work with you to identify both your short and long-term objectives, then assess if...

Not all Personal Insurance is Created Equal

12/12/2016 5 Minute Read

Not all Superannuation funds are created equal either, and Financial Planners… Well they are certainly not created equal. But these are stories for different posts. When I talk to people...

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