“ From the very beginning and throughout every interaction, Daniel was extremely thorough and thoughtful in how he introduced ideas, financial concepts and provided advice. The benefit of this is that Daniel was able to provide education about the financial landscape in a way that I could understand. In addition to his very approachable style, Daniel was able to provide excellent advice and has taken me through understanding my finances and simple budgeting, all the way to restructuring my superannuation, sorting out income protection and life insurance and helping me prepare for the next steps in reaching my financial goals. I would highly recommend Daniel’s services.” Michelle Russell | Clinical Neuropsychology | Torquay

“ Daniel was exactly what I needed to get my financials in order. After years of ignoring my financial situation, constant anxiety about not having control over my life, Daniel provided me with the tools and coaching I needed to take control of my finances and learn to respect money, while putting in place some simple systems which have alleviated my fear and anxiety. Thanks Daniel!!” Damien | Entrepreneur/Surfrider Ambassador

“ Twelve months ago we contracted Surf Coast Wealth Management to look after our Super and Insurances. During the onboarding, Daniel said that he would do everything he could to put us in the optimal financial position. Twelve months on and our returns have been stellar, we have saved 30% on the cost of our insurance premiums (~$3,600 in two years) and recently the firm deposited more than $1700 into our bank account after we refinanced through their preferred broker. It’s great to have found a firm with integrity and values. ” Michael & Lyla | Learning & Development Manager & Retail

“ Dan has been absolutely fantastic to deal with. He was very helpful, particularly during the difficult times of Covid, and his ongoing support is very comforting. His knowledge and willingness to help is second to none. We highly recommend Dan for your financial needs.” Andrew & Suzie | Transport & Theatre Nurse

“ I was very happy with the financial advice and the products Daniel put me into. Daniel was very professional, patient, he did not rush me and explained things well so I could understand. I can now sit back , relax and enjoy my retirement thanks to Daniel. I would highly recommend his services.” Lynda | Retired | Torquay

“ I was referred to Daniel by my Mortgage Broker after taking a voluntary redundancy. It was the first time that I had engaged a financial planner and I found him to be extremely attentative and knowledgeable about my financial needs. He expertly helped me navigate my complex superannuation, life insurance options, budgeting and future financial needs. I have great trust in him and look forward to many years of partnership in wealth management and growth” Kris | Psychologist

“ Daniel has given me advice in areas including insurance, superannuation and managing my investments. Daniel has extensive understanding of markets was able to explain things to me in a clear way. Through Daniel's knowledge and experience, I feel very confident that the advice given was right for my needs” Yvonne | Corporate Executive From Williamstown

“ Recently we have had the assistance and guidance of Surf Coast. Daniel Twentyman listened to our needs and wants for ours and our children's future. I can't thank him enough for making this such an easy and understandable process. Dan's knowledge, experience and professionalism was much appreciated through this entire process and continual guidance. Thank you so much Dan.” Eileen and Paul | Mum & Train Conductor From Skye

“ I got onto Dan after the sale of my home. His knowledge in finance and planning for the future is A+. Not knowing much about financial planning myself, Dan kept it simple in a language I could easily understand . Dan had all my bases covered in regards to super, insurances, TPD etc. Dan made it simple and is always easily to contact for advice. Couldn't recommend Dan enough...” Troy | Stevedore From Torquay

“ I would highly recommend Dan to anyone interested in improving their financial future. He is passionate about what he does and genuinely wants to get the best possible outcome for his clients.” Lisa | Office Administration From Torquay

“ Daniel has a clear communication style that cuts through the confusing world of financial management. Through a series of conversations, Daniel developed tailored options which greatly improved my insurance cover, maximised my super and helped me plan for the future. Daniel offers a unique no commission fee model which sets him apart from the financial advisers now feeling the wrath of the Banking Royal Commission.” Suzanne | Director, Strategic Planning & Governance From South Melbourne

“ Dan was very straight forward and easy to understand. His guidance, integrity, knowledge and honesty are what sets him apart from the rest. Looking forward to a secure financial future thanks to Dan.” Mark | Executive Sales From Torquay

“ Being the ripe old age of 23, Dan was easy to talk to and able to explain everything really well. We set up my super, an investment account, as well some insurance (life, TPD, trauma, income). I'm very happy with the setup and his continued interest in maintaining it.” Matt | Developer From Heighton

“ Daniel is a forthright and honest professional who seeks to both maximise your returns and broaden and clarify your understanding of your superannuation and investment. Could not recommend more highly.” Kenny | Director | Salts of the Earth From Beaumaris

“ I am really pleased with my recent dealings with Dan...I'm not that interested in finances, not even my own modest situation. Daniel was able to accept my "money moodiness" and desire for simplicity remaining professional at all times...even when I was rolling my eyes. I've started this process with other organisations but never completed as they didn't accept my perspective. Dan has an exceptional talent for maintaining sincere and patient interpersonal communication.” Russelle | Yoga Teacher From Torquay

“ Daniel was very easy to work with. He made the whole experience easy, It was very quick and painless, he kept us informed in every step of the way and at no point did i feel that i was pressured into anything i didn't want, i felt like i was in total control through the whole process. Thanks Dan, looking forward in to what future holds for us” Adam | Hardware Supervisor From Point Cook

“ Daniel has been nothing short of brilliant when managing our portfolio. He makes sure every matter is fully explained, follows up and advises of any changes immediately. His wealth of knowledge in current market trends is impressive. I would have no problem recommending Daniel. ” Michael & Melinda | Customs Brokers From Williamstown

“ Daniel Twentyman is very knowledgeably and takes time to explain how everything works. We are very happy so far with the investment strategies we have adopted based on his guidance. Highly recommended.” Keily | HR Manager From Point Cook

“ We should have met Daniel many years ago. Working with Daniel in every step of organising our super accounts, savings and business advice has been instrumental. Daniel was clear, concise and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend his services. Thank you for all of your help” Andrew & Trish | Teacher & Director of Willow & Bach From Torquay

“ Daniel went above and beyond setting up my personal insurances, investments and superannuation. Although they are subjects which can quickly get confusing, Daniel was able to explain every aspect in a clear and understandable way. The advice given by Daniel was invaluable and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.” Luke | Lead Developer From Colac

“ Daniel is punctual, friendly and easy to talk to. He is knowledgeable and passionate about his business. I am confident his services will meet our needs” Jenni & Ian | Administration Officer & Cabinet maker From Ceres

“ As a small business owner I was putting off looking at my super and wondering if I would ever own my own home. Daniel was considerate of my personal needs and offered financial advise, insurances and investment strategies to help me now and in the future. I feel comfortable that i'm now on the right track financially and I look forward to checking in on my savings and investments rather than hiding from my finances! ” Chela | Artist From Torquay

“ I didn't realise how much value seeing a financial adviser could be at my age, the team at Surf Coast Wealth Management made the process informative, easy and even a little fun. My partner and I would recommend this process no matter what your current stage of life.” Dylan & Anna | Regional Manager & Fashion Designer from Torquay

“ I would highly recommend Surf Coast Wealth Management. They have gone above and beyond in providing us with a financial structure, advice and support for our super and life insurance. They are highly responsive and always act with integrity – which are the two attributes that are important to me when choosing someone to advise me on my confidential financial affairs. I can positively see a massive increase in asset value over the next 15 years.

Their service also presents great value for money. I personally feel secure knowing that Surf Coast Wealth Management are in my corner and helping me manage my super for my retirement so I can concentrate on other things and hopefully retire sooner rather than later!” Steven & Aleesha | Club Professional Anglesea Golf Club & Retail Merchandiser From Torquay

“ 12 months ago, I had my financial plan drafted by a large financial firm in South Australia as I used to work for them when I was 18 and just kept all my super etc with them for ease.
They told me that there was zero cost to me as they were paid via commission.
As I met Daniel through a friend and started to talk to him about my super etc, I grew to trust him, so I asked him to review my plan for me.
He highlighted not just how much my planner received initially, but also how much they get yearly – all up they made close to $9,000 in upfront commissions and a further $1,100 every year thereafter, the ongoing service fee alone was $2,500 each year!
I didn't realise until working with Daniel on this that the insurance companies pay them directly, what they don’t tell you is the money they receive is factored into premiums that you pay.
After all this I decided to get Dan from Surf Coast Wealth Management to look after my investments. He set up a well-diversified superannuation portfolio and arranged insurances that were exactly what I wanted, saving me 50% on my cover (just by removing the commissions) and a lot of money on-going.
He also helped me with my investments outside of super taking the time to thoroughly go through everything with me so I understood it (which isn't always easy when it comes to stocks/ managed funds etc).
He was more than happy to get on the phone and spend time running through any financial issues or questions that I had.
I trust him to help me look after my financial planning, and cannot recommend him highly enough.
...Read MoreLess Jess | Commercial Real Estate Executive from Glen Iris

“ Organising my superannuation was always something I was going to get to one day but because it was so complicated and dry, that day never came. Daniel worked with me to organise my finances ethically and in a way that I feel like I now have those important things sorted, infinitely better than I could've ever done without his support. I'd recommend Dan to anyone, no matter how disorganised you think you are. ” Elizabeth | Speech Pathologist from Altona

“ I have used Daniel as a financial adviser for a number of years now and have moved with him from company to company. So when he started Surf Coast Wealth Management I was rapt. Daniel has worked harder on my Statement of Advice than any financial adviser I have ever had, which meant he found the best deal for me, and all without taking commissions. I couldn't be happier.” Michael | Plumber from Altona Meadows

“ Ever the professional, Daniel has taken the pain out of a job that none of us enjoy. Explaining all of my options, and the process every step of the way clearly and expertly. Taking care of my investments, consolidating insurances, calling with updates throughout the process and completing everything in record time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Surf Coast Wealth Management to anyone.” Penelope | Digital Project Manager from Torquay

“ If I was to be honest, I had very little interest and understanding in the areas of financial planning, superannuation and personal insurances. After casually chatting with Dan at Surf Coast Wealth Management, I was immediately engaged and started to learn how important a lot of this stuff actually is...
Things like life insurance and the performance of my super are generally things you don't want to think about, let alone talk about. He explained clearly and simply how to get ahead and make sure you are covered properly. He's also set up a business that is unique and ethical, in that you only pay for the work he does rather than paying out huge annual commissions like most other financial planning businesses. As he explained, these commissions are reflected in the price of the products you acquire. I couldn't recommend Dan highly enough.” Mitch & Luci | Performance Coach with Live Better Longer & Hairdresser from Torquay