Work with us to systematically address and compartmentalise areas of your life where you feel like you’re a passenger. Be assertive and regain control of your finances. There is unceasing pressure on the shoulders of a modern household. Being all things to all people can feel like a thankless task.  

It’s not unusual for your needs to be assigned to the bottom of the to-do list, regardless of how critical. Continually devising patchwork solutions for your financial plan will only add to the complexity and cost. Don’t continue to put your financial decisions on the back burner because you feel they are too confronting.

With the help of an experienced professional, they won’t be. The choices you make today, are laying your foundations. By engaging prudent systems, processes and investments, you can secure your future and your family’s legacy. Make a time and arrange to talk to us.

To learn more about how a financial adviser can help, read the blog “What does a financial adviser really do?

At this stage, you are likely to recognise the benefits of financial literacy. A family budget, a savings plan and a practical application for excess cash, can each have a substantial impact on your families financial position. You may, however, be unaware of the potential effect when you combine the three with a formalised a strategy. The rapid progress with debt repayment or savings growth can surprise once you have started to apply yourself. If your goal is to manage household expenses or save for that promised family holiday, we can help you make significant progress.

Your circumstance, goals and investment time frame, will have a considerable impact on the advice given in the area of investing and wealth creation. No two scenarios are ever identical, which results in vastly different recommendations for each client. Getting the full picture of your current financial position before we make our recommendations is critical to your success. The question is how far do you want to take it?

As you are likely aware, there are a number of day-to-day issues facing a modern business. Among the marketing and social media responsibilities, there is revenue generation, staffing issues and cost constraints to be mindful. The issue of “Key Person” protection and succession planning are far from the forefront of your mind. However, is that where they should be? What are your risking by not addressing these things ahead of time? We can walk you through some of the possible scenarios.

Fine-tuning your Super strategy over time is vital to its success. Are you in a position to capitalise on the strategies and opportunities that the ever-changing superannuation landscape presents? Are you aware of the improvement in investment vehicles and products in this space? How about the lower fees from the increase in competition? What about the Improvements in best practice? When was the last time you rebalanced your portfolio? Not just asset classes, but between various sectors and markets? If you are unaware of which assets your super is invested, how can you confidently contribute your own money into those investments? Stop the guesswork. We can ensure that your Superannuation is on-point and is working to put you ahead of the game.

The conversation about the levels of cover for your personal insurance and wealth protection is confronting and complex. Identifying the essential things in your life at any point in time has to be had with someone who doesn’t have conflicting interests. Being commission free is one area where we differ. We balance your levels of insurance around practical needs to bring you the cover that suits your circumstances with a reasonable premium attached. Insurance policies written free of any commission can save you up to 40% on your yearly premiums. These savings result in money that stays in your pocket and can work to achieve your real financial aspirations. We are talking about ten’s of thousands of dollars over the long-term.

At this stage of your life, there may be considerations around one’s mortality that needs to be addressed. Wills, Power of Attorney and possibly Testamentary Trusts are three areas where professional advice is vital. As important as it is to look after and protect people who are presently in your life, there are steps you can take to avoid challenges and disputes from people from your past. Getting advice in this area can avoid these challenges which are crucial, especially at a time of grief.

If you wish to establish an ongoing savings plan or investment strategy to pay for your children’s education, wedding or other life transition, we’ll ensure that you are in a position to enjoy the successes rather than concern yourself with the expense. There are strategies you can benefit from and it’s all part of a well established long-term financial plan. We can put you on track and with our ongoing service program, keep you there.