Aim higher, be ambitious, and proactive in building a strong financial foundation to launch yourself into the independent lifestyle that other people dream. Plant the seed and begin to reap the rewards so you can enjoy your life with less financial worry. There has hardly been a better time to start.

Although your new-found independence and eagerness to explore everything the world has to offer will likely define your near-term goals, it’s critical to get advice on what foundations to lay and habits to embrace. Not only will these habits set you up with a life with far less financial stress, but it can also play a large part in making your short-term dreams a reality too.

It’s easy to miss the complex issues that you will need to navigate, but if you take action now and get the help of an adviser, you can look back on this moment as the time you decided to do something for your future self. It is something that you will be thankful for.

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Whatever stage of life and whatever your goal, the keys to financial independence lies with, your continued financial education, understanding your spending and employing a savings plan. These tools can reveal your true financial potential. The earlier you take action, the quicker you stop wishing and start moving towards your goals. It does not have to be complex, and we can show you how to do it.

Once you have your budgeting and savings plans under control, the next step is going to be looking at ways to make your money work. Developing an investment portfolio is an evolutionary process. There are a vast number of different platforms, investment vehicles and strategies. Choosing an investment that suits you, is not an intuitive decision. There are several considerations to take into account. Your goal, the acceptable level of risk and timeline are all factors, as too is the complexity of the investment and subsequent required management. There are simple mistakes to be avoided. We can help implement an investment strategy that will navigate them.

If you think you have an excellent idea for a new business, having the resources and tenacity to take the first steps a fantastic start. Getting involved in a network of professionals and having the guidance of an experienced mentor will help you avoid the pitfalls experienced by many start-ups. If you have a business idea, we can help you bring it to reality.

Superannuation is a government legislated investment trust that has been established to fund the retirement of working Australians and protect them from financial loss. It is as important as it is complex. Getting advice on a strategy and the composition of your investments within super will help you avoid many of the costly mistakes made at the beginning of a career and can set you up for life.

Nobody ever expects to have an accident or become ill, but we all know that it happens. The key to any financial plan is ensuring that if you do experience such an event, you have previously had your insurances underwritten, accepted and implemented, so you have financial support through your recovery. It is essential to address this area while you are young and your health is at its peak. By doing it early in your working career, you can lock in the best terms and premiums for the life of your policy. Don’t leave it to chance, or worse, a “Go Fund Me Campaign”. We excel in getting cover that suits your needs with affordable premiums. You can save 25 – 40% for the life of the policy by organising it through a fee-for-service firm like Surf Coast Wealth Management.

A great Estate Plan doesn’t just revolve around Wills and dividing up personal assets when someone has passed on. Who looks after your affairs while you are off on an extended overseas adventure or a working holiday? Estate planning is a vital component of a watertight financial plan.