What Does Our Financial Planning Process Look Like?

Doing some researching in this space is a terrific first step to finding a professional to help realise your financial potential. The “How we can help” page, provides broad areas of assistance for differing life stages and there are testimonials from clients and background on the firm, within in the “About Us” section. Please feel free to call us to arrange a face-to-face meeting to learn more about the services we offer.

Initial Engagement

Our initial client engagement is via our 90-minute Goal Setting and Strategy Session. This session, conducted via Zoom virtual meetings, is a terrific way to gain insight into the opportunities and possibilities available to you and your unique situation. It has been designed to provide clarity on your financial position and current trajectory and give you the confidence to take affirmative action. You can then make an informed decision on the level of engagement you want or need, from basic cash flow and budgeting advice to traditional holistic financial planning.

During your session, we will help distinguish your clearest values, prioritise your goals and clarify your current financial position. Using these details, we will illustrate how these factors affect your long term financial health and discuss strategies to improve your trajectory. We will show you how being financially proactive can launch you into a life with less financial stress and more opportunities.

If you have noticed yourself repeating ‘I must get onto my finances’, and that voice has been on repeat in your mind for some time, starting this process will free it up to start singing a different tune.

Introductory Meeting

At our face-to-face introductory meeting, we will take the time to look deeper into your circumstance and discuss the possibilities of what’s achievable through our engagement. We will walk you through areas that may warrant further investigation then give you a broad overview of products, strategies and processes that could be adopted to help you achieve your goals.

Once we have articulated where you would like our help, we will begin to formalise a realistic plan that will help you meet your objectives.

Advice Formation and Research 

Having agreed on the scope of the advice at our previous meeting, we will utilise all our available resources and tools to thoroughly researching options and products to improve your financial position. We will formulate a personal strategy, keeping you updated throughout this process, refining and enhancing our recommendation to ensuring that we providing a solution that will meet your goals while maintaining our stringent standards

Once we are satisfied that our strategy will meet your objectives, we will formally present you with our proposal in a detailed Statement of Advice.

Presentation of Advice Document

Your Statement of Advice will detail your current financial position, our strategies, products and costs, and the rationale for the recommendations. It is critical that the strategy is well explained, you are confident your objectives will be met and you are committed to the recommended process. With Surf Coast Wealth Management’s unique offering, you can be assured that your interests are the only factors driving our advice.

We will utilise the time at our meeting, to run through the document and answer any questions to ensure that you have a complete picture of how our advice will help you reach your objectives.


Once the document has been signed and the authority to proceed agreed, we will work tirelessly to ensure the smooth implementation of our recommendations. We will make sure that your paperwork is completed, applications are lodged and any further services booked.

Letter of Confirmation 

You will receive a letter confirming that our recommendations contained in the Statement of Advice have been implemented. This may include, budgets finalised, accounts established, investment funds purchased, deposits made, insurances accepted and ongoing savings plans enacted. At this stage, you can rest assured that the help requested, has been completed.

Review Meeting

One of our key drivers at Surf Coast Wealth Management is ensuring that our ongoing service offer will help open doors to your financial independence. Not only are there significant mentoring and education opportunities available through this program, but there are also substantial benefits from our continued involvement in your financial plan.

Under our on-going service agreement, we will meet at least once a year to review your situation, and ensure that you are on target to achieve your goals. We will also fine-tune your strategy to ensure that you are not paying for services any longer required. Rebalancing portfolios, replacing underperforming assets and insurance reviews are all offered under our service. Managing these areas can add significant value to your long-term wealth accumulation strategy.