The Surf Coast Wealth Management Introduction & Referral Program!

Not long after the launch of Surf Coast Wealth Management, we introduced a referral program to thank clients for recommending our services to their friends, family, colleagues, and associates. As a small business, we thrive on referrals and like to show our appreciation to the clients who have engaged our services and actively promoted them. We recognise these referrals as a commendation of the benefits of our services and the work we do together.  

As our business has grown to include a more diverse range of financial services, like SMSF, corporate employee sessions, budgeting and cash flow management, so has the need to sufficiently acknowledge clients for their endorsements.

In order to adequately match our various service offerings with a successful referral, depending on the program they have engaged, we will reach out to organise for you to be our guest.

  • For lunch
  • A round of golf 
  • tickets to a show
  • or day spa 

As always, we appreciate your continued support and endorsement of our services. It means a great deal to be thought of and regarded so highly.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch!

If you know someone who you think can benefit from our services, please send them to our website.

Daniel Twentyman B.Bus.(Eco) Dip.F.S.(FP) Financial Planner – Authorised Representative