At Surf Coast Wealth Management, we believe that money is a tool to be used like any other. It’s worth is not in its accumulation, but how it is managed in achieving the goals and objectives that also align with your core values.

With careful management and a well-considered strategy, we can help you live life on your terms while creating the future you have dreamed. Your adviser will work with you to identify your needs and long-term goals, then devise a realistic pathway that will help utilise your finances in a way that enhances your life and the lives of the people you care. At Surf Coast Wealth Management, we pride ourselves on recommending financial strategies that will help you make the most of your financial assets and gain control, no matter where you are in life.

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“ Recently we have had the assistance and guidance of Surf Coast. Daniel Twentyman listened to our needs and wants for ours and our children's future. I can't thank him enough for making this such an easy and understandable process. Dan's knowledge, experience and professionalism was much appreciated through this entire process and continual guidance. Thank you so much Dan. ” Eileen and Paul Roberts | Mum & Train Conductor From Skye

How Can We Help?

Launch • Getting Started

Are you ready to Launch –  If you are starting out and earning your first full-time wage, there are plenty of things to navigate and learn. You might have thoughts of travel, buying your first car or your own home, you may have Hecs debts to repay or be looking to invest. Whatever your aspiration, now is a great time to get started. We can help with a plan that creates a solid financial foundation and delivers a clear path to help you on your way

Escalate • Wealth Accumulation

Time to Escalate –  Your future is built on the habits of your past. If you want to improve your financial outcomes, you need to start developing those habits today. Time is on your side, and we can help ensure that you don’t miss this golden opportunity. Dream big, be ambitious and start building the foundations for your future

Focus • New Family

Narrow your Focus –  Life can sometimes get in the way of planning for the future. It’s critical to make the necessary changes today, that can impact your tomorrow. We can help you fine-tune your wealth strategy, plan for future transitions and sort your personal protection while it’s affordable and you are in good health. Reach out today and get a guiding hand to help take stock of where you are and where you want to be. Focus and be inspired by what your future has to offer... 

Consolidate • Planning for Your Retirement

Consolidate for your future –  It’s a great time to revisit your strategies to maximise your retirement prospects. By making the necessary adjustments now, you can take advantage of opportunities, strategies and time, that will boost your entitlements for retirement. We understand the strategies that will address your needs and fine tune the pathways to success

Coast • Retirement

You’re set to Coast –  Work, take it or leave it. It’s entirely up to you. Whether you sail off into the sunset doesn’t just depend on how you’ve managed your finances till now. There are strategies available to maximise your resources during your retirement. Now is the time to utilise your savings and any assets to fund your desired lifestyle. We can guide you through this rewarding phase while you enjoy the benefits of all your hard work with less worry

Education and Mentoring

Education and Mentoring –  The more you know about investing and financial markets, the more empowered you will be. Take a lead role and make informed decisions that will help you reach your goals. Education and mentoring is part of our ongoing service program. We have extensive industry experience to give you a better understanding of your options

“ I would highly recommend Surf Coast Wealth Management. They have gone above and beyond in providing us with a financial structure, advice and support for our super and life insurance. They are highly responsive and always act with integrity – which are the two attributes that are important to me when choosing someone to advise me on my confidential financial affairs. I can positively see a massive increase in asset value over the next 15 years. Their service also presents great value for money. I personally feel secure knowing that Surf Coast Wealth Management are in my corner and helping me manage my super for my retirement so I can concentrate on other things and hopefully retire sooner rather than... ” Steven & Aleesha | Club Professional Anglesea Golf Club & Retail Merchandiser From Torquay

The Process

“ Daniel has been nothing short of brilliant when managing our portfolio. He makes sure every matter is fully explained, follows up and advises of any changes immediately. His wealth of knowledge in current market trends is impressive. I would have no problem recommending Daniel. ” Michael & Melinda | Customs Brokers From Williamstown


We have collated various financial tools, videos and links for you to explore. These are informative and will highlight the positive impacts you could experience when partnering with us to plan for your financial future.

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